VIDA and RAYUS Radiology Partner to Empower Imaging Sites for Decentralized Clinical Trials

Partnership will enable 150+ sites in 22 states to accept patients for respiratory clinical trials involving precision imaging

CORALVILLE, Iowa – Oct 26, 2022VIDA Diagnostics, Inc. (VIDA), the leader in imaging intelligence, has partnered with Wellspring Capital-backed RAYUS Radiology, a leading national provider of advanced diagnostic and interventional radiology, to onboard more than 150 locations as clinical trial imaging sites. Precision quantitative imaging is increasingly being leveraged by therapy developers in clinical trials; however, trial sites can be challenged by the demands of high-quality image acquisition and data management associated with trial imaging. VIDA and RAYUS are teaming up to address these challenges for imaging sites so they can participate in imaging-based clinical trials with greater ease. 

"To accelerate commercialization and improve patient access to clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly relying on clinical trial decentralization, providing access for participants beyond major urban centers," said Amy Garrigues, Chief Strategy and Development Officer for RAYUS Radiology. "Thanks to our partnership with VIDA, we can provide an immediate boost to this effort across 22 states, bringing clinical trial level imaging together with disciplined data stewardship and operational oversight."

Each of RAYUS's 150+ locations will be able to connect to the VIDA Intelligence Portal, allowing for deeper data analysis, insights, and operational ease of imaging trials. Through VIDA's portal, hundreds of staff across these locations can be trained on and guided through protocols required for the data quality demands of imaging-based clinical trials. After certification, sites can engage with clinical trial sponsors and begin qualifying and onboarding trial participants.

"This partnership is a win for all parties, enabling VIDA to expand our network of certified imaging sites for sponsors, providing RAYUS additional clinical trial opportunities, and giving patients greater accessibility to clinical trials," said Susan Wood, Ph.D., VIDA's president & CEO. "Most importantly, together we are addressing a major gap in the still too costly, inefficient and time-consuming drug development process – site location and convenience to patients, trial site capacity, consistency, and effectiveness. This partnership will help bridge the gap and accelerate new life enhancing therapies for patients."

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