VIDA Streamlines Respiratory Clinical Trials with Artificial Intelligence

VIDA Intelligence Portal, now part of VIDA Discovery, eases clinical trial imaging, bringing AI to the cloud

Coralville, IA (Nov 16, 2021) — VIDA Diagnostics, Inc. (VIDA) is further removing friction in respiratory clinical trials with the introduction of a new AI-powered portal. The cloud-based VIDA Intelligence Portal (VIP) streamlines challenges often associated with imaging in trials such as site onboarding, staff training, image data management, and data quality. Leveraging a powerful AI engine, the portal automates cumbersome and time sensitive tasks such as subject anonymization and quality control workflow processes.

Clinical trial operations are challenging – 80% of trials face delays and 11% of trial sites never enroll a single patient. Respiratory trials that involve imaging are even more difficult due to the complexities involved in proper image acquisition, subject breathing training, image reconstruction, motion artifacts, secure data exchange, and more. VIP allays these issues by automatically applying AI prior to human interaction, allowing for immediate intervention in the event of poor data quality, for example. The result is smoother trials that produce high quality data, leading to more efficient and successful outcomes. 

With VIP, available broadly as part of VIDA Discovery, trial sponsors and sites can effortlessly manage scans and related information, eliminating manual steps that often slow trials and can affect data integrity. The highly secure portal serves as a centralized information hub, replacing a patchwork of existing online and offline third-party solutions.

"Our aim is to help sites and sponsors use the power of AI to analyze data for consistency and generate new categories of lung biomarkers. We're excited to see sites already realizing this promise as well as experiencing more efficient trial imaging operations," said Todd Johnson, VIDA's chief technology officer. "The VIDA Intelligence Portal also provides a foundation for future innovations we can't wait to deliver." 

As the leader in respiratory/lung imaging and generation of biomarker insights, VIDA's rapidly growing clinical data lake is now being leveraged to solve many problems often associated with complex imaging in clinical trials. For example, VIDA's analysis is helping trial sponsors and sites identify future trial participants or provide access to aggregated data intelligence for future drug studies.

VIDA will demo the portal during the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting, which brings together the world's leading radiologists and healthcare system executives, November 28  December 1, at Booth #4351. CTO Todd Johnson will speak on Tuesday, November 30 at 12 noon CST as part of the AI Showcase about the role the portal plays in improving clinical trial and AI ROI. To schedule a briefing, email


About VIDA

VIDA quantifies imaging biomarkers of lung diseases to provide clear, measurable evidence that accelerates the therapy pipeline and empowers precise diagnoses and treatments to advance lung care. Through quantitative data intelligence and impactful visualizations, VIDA helps physicians manage patients with or at risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, and COVID-19. VIDA's software is FDA cleared, CE-marked, Health Canada licensed and TGA registered for clinical use in the US, European Economic Area, Canada, and Australia. Learn more at Follow @vidalung on Twitter and LinkedIn.