Our Favorite Sources for Radiology & AI Information

Author: Nichole Gerszewski

It’s not easy sorting through the noise to find the information you really crave, or even more than that, need to keep up in the fast-paced and ever-changing industry of medical imaging.

We know that the information tsunami related to AI (artificial intelligence) is just beginning. There are thousands of great sources on any given topic, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few of our favorites. These have made the list by consistently providing what we consider to be insightful, meaningful and timely information. If you want to stay ahead of

the curve, consider giving them a look.

  • Figure Stuff Out by Dr. Howard Chen – Dr. Chen focuses on imaging informatics and does a nice job commenting on AI advances within radiology from a radiologist’s perspective.  We like his semi-regular “Radiology AI Briefings” as concise summaries of AI news.
  • AI in Healthcare captures great information on the market as a whole.
  • Luke Oakden-Rayner is a radiologist in Australia who tracks AI developments closely and provides meaningful insights.  His technical assessment of various AI stories is especially helpful.  Aside from all that, nearly every post contains a perfect gif!
  • Auntminnie – There’s something here for everyone. You can sign up to receive information based on your interests within any of their communities. AuntMinnie is the hub for anyone interested in topics related to radiology, imaging, AI, investing, and more.
  • Signify Research - For in-depth analysis on medical imaging and AI, Signify is an excellent source.  We appreciate their ability to communicate in easy to understand frameworks, like this, to help make sense of the market and how it is evolving.

Did we miss your favorite?  If so, send us a note and let us know!

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