Introducing: "Breathe Easy"

Welcome to Breathe Easy, a blog focused on pulmonary advances with perspectives from across the industry.  Look for articles on:

  • Lung AI
  • Imaging biomarkers
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  • And much more


Who’s Behind the Blog?

Breathe Easy is authored by our community of employees, partners, customers, advisors and friends.  Together, we intend to provide meaningful insights on the ever-changing world of pulmonary care and the impact of advanced imaging analytics.

If we are successful, you’ll find this blog an entertaining and useful resource.


About VIDA
Our mission is to transform pulmonary care through intelligence.  In simpler words, our goal is to help others “breathe easy,” especially those struggling with, or at risk of lung disease.

We believe AI-powered image analysis, combined with extensive clinical validation and human oversight will revolutionize lung care and allow us to deliver on our goal.

This transformation starts with advanced pulmonary analytics and the development of new and better therapies to combat lung disease.  We aim to help device and pharmaceutical vendors bring new therapies to market more quickly by utilizing precision imaging biomarkers in clinical trials.  In clinical care, our goal is to assist early and accurate diagnoses, and inform optimal care paths through predictive analytics.


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