Coralville, IA (October 14, 2019) — VIDA Diagnostics, Inc. (“VIDA”), the leader in AI-powered lung imaging analysis, announced a distribution agreement with TeraRecon, Inc., a leader in advanced visualization, artificial intelligence, image viewing, and post-processing. With this agreement, VIDA’s LungPrint® analysis will be available through TeraRecon’s AI Interoperability platform, EnvoyAI, expanding the reach of VIDA’s leading AI-powered pulmonary care solutions and creating an integrated physician experience.

LungPrint Discovery offers fully automatic radiological metrics and unique, time-saving airway visualizations. By precisely quantifying lung characteristics in a chest CT scan, LungPrint helps providers detect COPD and other interstitial lung disease earlier, often when debilitating symptoms have yet to occur. Early detection of chronic lung disease is reported to elongate life expectancies and reduce overall healthcare costs (Larsson, et. al). LungPrint also strengthens collaboration between radiologists and pulmonary clinicians, enhancing the content delivered in radiology reports and care team collaboration

“VIDA is a valuable addition to our partner eco-system, offering physicians premium lung analysis and characterization AI with an integrated user experience that can only be achieved when interoperability is prioritized,” said Jeff Sorenson,
Chief Executive Officer and President of TeraRecon. “Our customers have come to expect clinical workflow excellence for optimal patient care, and VIDA’s LungPrint solution brings another best-in-class application to our wide portfolio of AI algorithms available directly within our customers’ interpretation workflow.”

“VIDA and TeraRecon have a shared goal of equipping care teams with cutting-edge, clinically validated AI solutions,” said Susan A. Wood, PhD, CEO of VIDA. “We are excited to be partnering with TeraRecon; their AI platform elegantly
integrates novel AI solutions like ours into the radiology workflow, which is a critical requirement in driving broad AI adoption in healthcare.”

LungPrint is an AI-powered imaging suite advancing pulmonary care by uniquely profiling the patient with or at risk of lung diseases, including interstitial lung diseases and COPD, which continue to be under-diagnosed. The solution grants providers access to important insights to better understand their patients’ set of conditions and to select the best care path to match those unique conditions.  

Bysupporting earlier recognition, LungPrint aims to improve health outcomes, quality of care and the patient experience, while reducing overall healthcare costs.  Learn more about LungPrint and how it enables radiology to help physicians catch COPD early, improving quality of care, patient outcomes and the cost of healthcare delivery.  Register today for a live webinar

About VIDA:

VIDA is transforming lung care through intelligence, using imaging-based AI to uniquely profile and manage the patient with or at-risk of lung diseases.  VIDA’s LungPrint® solution aims to provide greater precision and personalization across a range of lung diseases including lung cancer, obstructive airway diseases like emphysema and asthma, and
interstitial lung disease.  VIDA’s software and services are available for clinical use in the USA, EU, Canada and
Australia. More at


( TeraRecon is a leader in medical advanced visualization and artificial intelligence solutions.  Their flagship product, iNtuition, consistently leads the advanced visualization category of the industry’s leading independent
technology analysts.  The company continues to innovate ahead of customer demand and has most recently developed new sophisticated healthcare-focused artificial intelligence platform solutions unlike any in the world today. 
TeraRecon’s EnvoyAI platform received a prestigious best of industry award from Aunt Minnie in 2018.  TeraRecon’s Northstar AI Results Explorer is the first and only enterprise-wide solution capable of delivering AI imaging insights directly and interactively into the systems clinicians use every day.  As a company with a 20-year history of innovation, TeraRecon’s mission is to continuously redefine medical advanced visualization and leverage artificial intelligence to improve patient care.