Our New Look

Patients with lung disease have suffered unnecessarily from limited options to improve their quality of care with inadequate methods for finding, diagnosing and treating patients.

VIDA’s mission is to modernize lung and respiratory care using intelligence to:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Streamline care coordination, and
  • Drive healthcare efficiencies

This bold mission merits a bold identity. VIDA is delighted to introduce our new branding - a creative interpretation of our mission and the team built to attack our audacious charge.

Our identity is a rich, bold illustration of our vision. The VIDA logo includes five integrated rings representing the tight care team coordination required for change and the advancement of those care teams with more informed processes. The rings also symbolize our deference and gratitude to those we serve: patients, providers, partners, payors and pharmaceutical innovators.

Our sub brands, VIDA Discovery and VIDA Insights are synergistic components of our full VIDA solution. They represent a unique coupling of our Discovery and validation of clinically meaningful representations of disease processes, and our Insights into patient-care solutions, which incorporates our discoveries into impactful and optimized clinical workflows.

In these challenging times, our long-term commitment to lung and respiratory care has never had a higher calling.  A more informed and holistic embrace of lung and respiratory care is essential to upgrade patient management, and VIDA’s solution enables that upgrade.

Our vast opportunity leaves us bullish and optimistic for a better future for patients and populations with lung disease. VIDA is committed to working with our customers, collaborators, advisors and partners to be at the forefront of modernized lung and respiratory care. We welcome you to connect with us on our bold journey together. 

Susan A Wood, PhD